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Report from Fun in the Field

Friday 6th July, a really hot day, time to set up. Andy, Chip, Peter and me (Tony) were first to arrive followed soon after by Tracey, Alan and John. We set too setting up antenna's and operating locations. Andy set up his lattice tower at about 60ft, topped by his home brew 17mtr 5 element beam. Also attached to the mast was one end of the Club Windom 80, the other end was held up by one of the club 26ft masts. The club gazebo was erected to house the TS590 with a mains power feed. The Windom was fed to the 590, plus Andy set up a 20 metre Moxon which also fed the 590, a really good set up.

Chip set up his gazebo for testing and operating portable equipment including his Clansman 320. I put up my Clansman 8 metre mast for him with a 40 metre Clansman dipole. Chip had a proper aerial farm set up. Peter set up a home brew multi band vertical by his caravan and John set up a portable antenna by his car. The Club IC746 was set up in the static caravan attached to a 2 metre rotatable beam. By the time all stations were set up it was well into the afternoon but the job was done and there were spare masts for any one who wanted them. During the day we had 2 visitors, David G0XAH from Yaxley and Mike, one of Andy's friends, both of whom helped with set up.

Operating soon started with 17mtres doing well in the static caravan. 20 metres opened up in the evenings. As is the norm' at the moment 40was long skip so G stations were thin on the ground.

Saturday, another hot one and the same members on site plus Ann and once again David G0 XAH. Band conditions were not good but some contacts were made , again conditions improved in the evening.

Sunday, yet another hot one and 2 more visitors, Phil, a club member and Mark, another one of Andy's friends.

Sunday afternoon we packed up slowly and were clear of the site by 6pm.

It was a very good weekend with lots of experimentation and testing on a BRILLIANT site. Also there was lots of friendly banter, a BBQ courtesy of Andy and plenty of tea. Those of you who didn't turn up missed an excellent event and the chance to test equipment or use big antennas. Our thanks go to Andy for organising the venue and his hospitality.

To give you an idea of what you missed here are some of the stat's as compiled by Peter:-

Contacts, all bands - 136. Including 10 world Cup stations and 2 other Special Events.

Countries worked including UK  - 32. Including - Japan, Pakistan, Israel, Russia, Ukraine, USA, Venezuela.  Brazil, Chile, Dominican Republic, Morocco plus many more. These contacts were made on SSB using club call sign GX4 EHW and a couple of individual call signs. See what you missed?

26 contacts were made on VHF locally using M1 PRC.



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