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report from Flag Fen
Once again, Museums on the Air was hosted by Flag Fen in June 2018. Ron, Peter, John, Tracey Alan and Tony turned up at the museum at mid-day for set up. This year the new Radio Works Carolina Windom 80 was used for the first time. The club Kenwood TS 590 SG was attached to the Windom and together they proved to be a very efficient unit.  On Saturday morning, Andy set up his 14.5 metre Spider mast with Tony’s 7 element ZL special and the club white stick antennas on top for VHF. The whole mast was turned by a rotator at the base. The newly acquired Icom IC 746 was set up to drive these antennas with up to 100 watts.  Contacts on both stations came at a steady rate throughout the day on Saturday but conditions were not great on HF. After lunch, Ron, Alan, Tracey and Andy had to leave for various reasons leaving Peter, John and Tony to carry on. We then had a visit from Pres, W2 PW, who had visited the club the previous Wednesday. Pres was invited to "have a go" on HF. He said yes and started calling CQ; it was not long before he had a nice little "pile up" going which continued for over an hour.  His laid back but efficient style on the radio plus his rich American voice operating a GB event station tended to draw other stations to us. A few visitors came through the Arena building where we were situated but World Cup football and the Heritage Festival in Peterborough kept them away.  Over the weekend, 138 contacts were made, 101 HF and 37 VHF. 11 museums contacted, 3 other SP/Event stations and 6 PSK contacts were made. All together a very successful weekend and our thanks go to the staff of Flag Fen who were so helpful throughout the weekend.

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