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This months newsletter
Club Program (2021)
 27th October A look at emf calculations-are you ready ? 
 24th November Used Equipment Sale 
 8th December Christmas Social 

This Month’s meeting will be a look at the RSGB/Ofcom information on how you can certify your station as being emf (Electromagnet Field Compliant).
There are three important dates:- 
Licensees will need to comply with the new rules by: 
• 18 November 2021 if using frequencies at or above 110 MHz;
• 18 May 2022 using frequencies above 10 MHz but below 110 MHz;
• 18 November 2022 if using frequencies at or below 10 MHz 
More info can be found on the RSGB Web-site

Club Program External Events (2021)
  • None planned at present time due to Covid Restrictions  
 Meetings at the club QTH during Covid
At the present time, a number of restrictions have been lifted regarding the rules and regulations relating to Covid precautions, plus the majority of our members will have received two if not three of the jabs.
Following feedback from our recent survey we have decided to resume meetings on a one per month basis. (4th Wednesday of the month) To ensure safety of yourself and others, please observe the following precautions:
On arrival spray your hands with Sanitizer (provided). 
Pay you £1 Sub by putting your £1 in the red box. 
Make sure whoever is on the door has logged your contact details. If you are QTHr then callsign will be fine. 
Order your refreshment at the kitchen and you will be called forward when your drink is ready, do not queue. 
Select your seat for the evening and try to keep at least 1 metre apart. 
At the end of the meeting please wipe your seat with sanitizer and dry with blue paper towel.

President Piece
Hi all, I hope you are all surviving the Covid 19 pandemic. If you have caught the virus I hope it didn't affect you too badly. So far, touch wood!! I have escaped it, fingers crossed that continues.
My last report was October 2020!! So let's see if we can get back to some sort of normality from now on with regular club meetings, let's see how many members come to our meeting on Wednesday.
Radio wise I've not been very active, I guess because of the pandemic which affected us all in different ways!! Having said that I had a good October with seven new countries in the log!! YI Iraq, VP9 Bermuda, VU India and BG China all on 20m, 3DA0 Kingdom of Eswatini, J5 Guinea Bissau and S9 Sao Tome on 17m. Total countries worked so far this year is 119.
Club nets are still operating but with less people coming on, guess it’s due to people returning to their normal work pattern.
All for now hope to see some of you at our meeting on the 27th!!!
                                          Vy 73 es gd dx, Ron G4DXW
Secretary News
Should the Covid situation change over the next few months we may have to make changes to the program at short notice.
Currently we only have three committee members who are:
Next year we will hope to collect the annual subs and hold an AGM (possibly MARCH 2022 Covid permitting).
For the Christmas social usually we have a buffet, however this increases the risk of cross contamination. Would you be interested in a fish & chip supper?
New Kid on the block
You may have heard of SOTA (Summits on the Air), and other methods of creating activity on the bands. As you can imagine SOTA is very limited in the UK particularly in the East. However in the USA there is POTA (Parks in the Air). The POTA sites have already been defined and we have quite a number in our region. This is now spreading across the world. Further details can be found at:-
Here is a list of POTA sites in our area. The numbers on the RH side refer to the Activations/Attempts/QSO’s. You can work POTA to POTA, or POTA to rest of the world. The exchange should consist of POTA number if you are an activator on one of the sites.
G-0386Ely Park Country Park000
G-0336Fen Drayton Lakes RSPB Reserve1111
G-0275Barnack Hills & Holes National Nature Reserve000
G-0269Monks Wood National Nature Reserve000
G-0268Woodwalton Fen National Nature Reserve000
G-0239Bedford Purlieus National Nature Reserve000
G-0171Upwood Meadows National Nature Reserve1112
G-0167Ouse Washes SPA (and RSPB) Protected Area000
G-0140Chippenham Fen National Nature Reserve000
G-0089Wicken Fen National Nature Reserve000
G-0069Castor Hanglands National Nature Reserve000
G-0068Nene Washes SPA (and RSPB) Protected Area000
G-0045Fowlmere RSPB Reserve1115
G-0038Holme Fen National Nature Reserve000
You can be mobile, portable or fixed. Bands are HF/VHF/UHF/SHF. Membership is free (you can donate via PayPal) or buy merchandise.
Training Courses
The club is not currently offering any training courses or exams due to the Covid 19 situation .You can sit the exam on-line via the RSGB.  If you wish to self-study see “Essex Hams” website. Depending on numbers we may be able to run some Foundation and Intermediate Courses and Exams. Please note the RSGB have now dropped the requirements for practicals.
Club Contact Details
Facebook page: Peterborough and District Amateur Radio Club 
Club Meetings: -
4th Wednesday of the month
19:00 to 21:00
Club Nets:-
HF – Monday 20:00 (local time) 1.980 MHz c/s G4EHW
VHF - Tuesday 20:00 (local Time) 145.400 c/s M1PRC
Covid 2@2 Net every day 145.400 MHz at 2pm.



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